Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 1

Title: Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 1
Translated Title: 
A Good Little Devil No. 1
A Good Little Devil, a 7-part story, adapted from the work of Mrs. La Comptesse de Segur. Staging of Mr. Rene LePrince. Mrs. Beranger: Mrs. MacMiche. The little Rauzena: Charles MacLanche. Mrs. Erickson: Berry. Mrs. Helbling: Juliette, the blind woman. Mrs. Lamy: The judge. In a little Scottish town, there lived an extremely mean and greedy widow named Mrs. MacMiche. She had a brave girl named Betty at her service. She had raised a good little devil from her child Charles, of whom she was the only parent. - Here he is giving my bread to the sparrows, now. - Betty! Go and find Charlie, now! -Your cousin seems to be very angry my poor Charlie. - Ah! You think my bread isn't expensive! ... And you little sir throw my bread out of the windows! While Mrs. MacMiche has a nice cup of coffee with cream each morning, Charlie only has a bowl of milk. - Sugar? You should be happy to have a bowl of milk instead of dry bread. - My cousin, I would be happy to add this bit of sugar to it. - Let go of it, boy! Let go of it now! - Thief! Bandit! You deserve for me to drink your milk! - I would be honored, cousin, here is my cup. "Too polite to be honest," is a popular saying. Mrs. MacMiche should be wary ... See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Un Bon Petit Diable
Translated Series Title: 
A Good Little Devil