Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 2

Title: Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 2
Translated Title: 
A Good Little Devil No. 2
Without remorse, Mrs. MacMiche finished Charlie's breakfast… - My coffee! My soft bread! - Wretch! Give it to me!! Now!!! ... - I'm going to complain to the judge, cousin! Charlie only went to talk about his miseries with his friend Juliette, a blind girl. -You see Juliette, all that desolates me is that I owe her the bread that I eat. Marianne, Juliette's older sister. You don't owe her anything, she owes you. - Before your father died, he left her 50,000 francs that belong to you. - Ah, I'm going to ask my cousin for the money. - What would you do with it ? - I would give it to you so you could live happily. - Good Charles … return quickly and don't ask your cousin for anything, you would only get slaps! Juliette had good reasoning. On Number 3, you will see.
Series Title: 
Un Bon Petit Diable
Translated Series Title: 
A Good Little Devil