Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 3

Title: Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 3
Translated Title: 
A Good Little Devil No. 3
The only joy of the greedy. - Here, Charlie, I made you this armor, you'll no longer feel the spankings. - Attach this to the bottom of your pantleg, while I make your cousin wait. A few minutes later, the armor was at the place of its preservation. -Take "The Financial Year," and read it to me. -You are going to write under my dictation, boy, maybe that will wake you. - Sir, I have some money to deposit. Only a little, because my nephew causes me to spend terribly more. - … but depriving myself of everything, I manage to put some money aside. You will see on Number 4 what trick Charlie uses to test the effectiveness of his armor.
Series Title: 
Un Bon Petit Diable
Translated Series Title: 
A Good Little Devil