Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 4

Title: Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 4
Translated Title: 
A Good Little Devil No. 4
How Charlie interpreted his cousin's letter. "Sir, I have a lot of money to deposit because Charlie costs me close to nothing. By depriving him of everything, I'll manage to deposit the interests of the 50,000 francs that his father left for him. - Oh! These women! ... They can't get a grip! - Wretch! You have something protecting you! Furious to see her secret discovered, MacMiche took Charlie to a boarding school called Fairy's Hall, run by the relentless Old Nick. The terrible supervisor Boxear. - It's a very strong head, you must make it dull! Go to your seat, gentleman. - Which one, Sir? - The first empty one. - Very funny, is that a seat for a student at the podium? - How would I know, you said the first empty seat. - Ah! He likes to argue! … Revolutionary! ... - Here is how we handle the disobedient! You will see on Number 5 how Charlie softens the rules of the inflexible boarding school.
Series Title: 
Un Bon Petit Diable
Translated Series Title: 
A Good Little Devil