Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 7

Title: Un Bon Petit Diable, No. 7
Translated Title: 
A Good Little Devil No. 7
Charlie, freed, hurried to see Marianne and Juliette. - I'm so happy to know that you are out of that horrible boarding school, Charlie! Marianne, I'm going to stay with you all forever! - Charlie, will you behave, at least? Based on Marianne's argument, the presiding judge called for Mrs. MacMiche to return the money to Charlie. - Mrs. MacMiche, you're holding on to 50,000 francs that belong to your cousin. - Beware! There is evidence against you … - If you continue to deny, I will put the matter in the hands of the attorney. - No! … No! … Those attorneys are unqualified! … In all of their cases they sentence someone! Forced to give back the money, Mrs. MacMiche became gravely ill. - Here is your gold, cousin, take it and get well soon! The remedy had no effect. "I leave all of my goods to my little cousin and student Charles MacLance. Mrs. MacMiche. - My little Charlie, you are the sole heir to the fortune of your cousin. - But she left nothing for the poor! - The poor will only have what you want to give them. - Your honor, give them everything that you can give them. - What a good little devil! The End. Adapted by, Ms. G. Jousset.
Series Title: 
Un Bon Petit Diable
Translated Series Title: 
A Good Little Devil