L'Enfant Prodigue, No. 5

Title: L'Enfant Prodigue, No. 5
Translated Title: 
The Prodigal Son No. 5
This was a new life for Pierrot … a life of luxury and pleasures … Lea and Isabelle. 1 Dress of Moroccan crepe. 1 Otter coat. 12 Overalls of Chinese crepe. 1 Formal dress decorated with ostriches' feathers. He will have to pay this bill … and others like it. Pierrot blamed Phrynette for his lavish and exaggerated spending. Forgetting that he was squandering their money, the poor parents cried his disappearance. If he wanted to go back, his good mother would forget everything. Pierrot didn’t have any more money to satisfy Phrynette's requirements. The game caught up to him. See more on Number 6.
Series Title: 
L'Enfant Prodigue
Translated Series Title: 
The Prodigal Son