Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 1

Title: Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 1
Translated Title: 
A Tour of France by Two Children No. 1
Towards France...In the land of the storks (Alsace). One day in September 1871, two little orphans...André Volden, 14 years old...and his brother, Julien, 7 years old...left Phalsbourg to go to Marseille, to the home of their Uncle Frantz. -- Hide, so that no one will see us! After having walked for a long time, the two travelers arrived in front of the home of Father Etienne. -- Etienne! Aren't you listening? Someone is knocking at the door! -- How are you, my children, what is happening that you are on the road at this hour? -- We have just left Phalsbourg to return to France. After having comforted them, Etienne questioned André. -- Our father was accidentally killed. Before passing, he made us swear to find our uncle and stay French. After a good night, provided with some money, they were, in the early morning, ready to leave again. -- Take my letter to my friend Fritz; you will be well received. Etienne reserved them two seats in a car going to Saint-Quirin. In the car... The Vosges, some shots... -- I have led you well, children. We have arrived at the home of Fritz, the Park Ranger. See what happens next in No. 2.
Series Title: 
Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants
Translated Series Title: 
A Tour of France by Two Children
Series Subtitle: 
D'après l'oeuvre classique de G. BRUNO
Translated Series Subtitle: 
From the classic work of G. Bruno