Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 3

Title: Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 3
Translated Title: 
A Tour of France by Two Children No. 3
THE GOOD HOSTESS. After having left Celles they encountered a brave man who drove them to Epinal for free. They knew where to knock, but would they be well received? -- We stayed in Celles, at the home of your cousin, who told us to ask for your hospitality on his behalf... -- What an idea! I'm not running a hostel... -- Please be kind, Ma'am. We are two small Alsatians who want to stay French. -- I will let you stay the night in the room of my son, who is a soldier, but tomorrow you shall leave. However, the cousin, in pity, consented to keep them. André found work with a locksmith. Julien went to school. As he was smart, did his homework well, and followed the lessons...he one the cross of merit. What could be more attractive for a childhood then the beautiful images of Epinal? Little Julien opened his eyes with marvel! Here are some handsome French soldiers. After a stay of one month, they left Epinal. -- Travel well, my children, keep in touch, it would make me happy! The driver brought them to Vesoul, where they stayed the night, then they continued their voyage. The road was long; the brave little Alsatians were still quite far from Besançon. (TO BESANÇON, 49 Km.) They began to sing, the echo of their childish voices filled the air with a happy refrain of their country...and brought heart to their march. See what happens next in No. 4.