Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 3

Title: Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 3
Translated Title: 
A Tour of France by Two Children No. 3 (Ch. 2)
On the express train to Marseille, a traveler told them the names of the towns they saw... Avignon, the ancient city of the Popes. Arles, the "Alley of the Alyscamps". After having traversed the desert-like plains of the Crau, and passing by the swamp of Berre...the express arrived in Marseille... The children presented themselves to Jérôme, with whom their uncle usually lived. -- Excuse me, sir, is it here when my uncle Frantz stays? -- What? you are the the nephews of Frantz...this is quite unfortunate, little ones...he has left for Bordeaux. Jérôme made them dinner at his family table. -- I will take you to the sea, tomorrow, there I will question the sailors, I must find your uncle... They stayed, for the night, put up in Uncle Frantz's room. -- Julien, come see: the church that we see over there is Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde... See the end in No. 4.