Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 3

Title: Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 3
Translated Title: 
A Tour of France by Two Children No. 3 (Ch. 3)
In Dunkirk, at the home of Guillaume, a pleasant surprise awaited them. -- Look at what came for you both. -- Some crates in your name. -- There's even my umbrella. -- It's a gift from the captain. The "Poitou" was insured; these clothes will replace those lost with the boat. -- How can we show you our gratitude? -- Come see me at my farm, in the Grande-Lande... Several days later, the travelers arrived in Phalsbourg. Pious pilgramage! "Michel VOLDEN 20 September 1871" ...on the same day, they obtained their passports and their right to naturalization. -- Your father's wish has been realized, children, you are French. That evening, Frantz received a letter that brought him great pleasure. "Mister Frantz, please come to Bank Delmer & Co. You will be given, upon the presentation of your securities, the sum that is due to you." Frantz came to tell the children of the good news. -- We will leaving tonight for the Grand-Lande. See the end in No. 4.