Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 4

Title: Le Tour De France Par Deux Enfants No. 4
Translated Title: 
A Tour of France by Two Children No. 4 (Ch. 3)
The Grande-Lande. -- It is here that we will find Guillaume. -- I had told you, Mister Guillaume, that we would come visit you. -- Frantz, I am ruined. Our parents, who have given us this farm, borrowed money that I cannot pay back. -- Don't worry, my friend. The bank has reimbursed me; we are rich, and, henceforth, we will be but one family. And to celebrate this happy day, they joined together at the family table. -- Children, let us drink to the prosperity of the Grande-Lande. André and Julien never forgot the brave men that they encountered during their tour of France. THE END.