L’Enfant-Roi (Louis XVI):L'Eveil des Géants No.6

Title: L’Enfant-Roi (Louis XVI):L'Eveil des Géants No.6
Translated Title: 
The Child-King(Louis XVII): the Awakening of Giants No.6
In Paris, at Danton's, one of the chiefs of the revolutionary movement. Sir, Sir de Robespierre and Sir Fabre d'Eglantine want to speak with you. We came to get you Danton, it is time to go to the Club (Danton: Mr. Courtois). Every day, the revolutionary spirit grew bigger... Orators harangued the crowd in the streets .. The police struggled to disperse the protestors. Still no work or bread! and it is all because of the Austrian! Orators assembled themselves even in the Club of "the Friends of the Country". The floor is now to citizen Danton. Words, it is now time to act, we have to march with the people, for the people, at the head of the people!.. Who was this man who accompanied the knight of Mallory? Here is Marat! Marat! Marat! So, My Lord, are you still willing to play the game? ... and to win it.. Tomorrow needs to be the last judgment day of the absolute Monarchy! What government will you give France? A government without tyrants. Our friend, the knight of Mallory wants the floor. Mallory, but he is the wicked soul of the Count of Provence, Louis XVI's brother. The Count of Provence has for long agreed with us. A king that lets his wife dominate him is not worthy to reign, we need an energetic and liberal man on the throne, one that you will designate yourselves. As for Louis XVI, we will force him to abdicate and we will chase the Austrian woman away, she who had our tri-colored flag stepped on. And when, during the night, the club closed its doors. I almost blame you for having brought me in this adventure! These men are wolves. Soon, the will eat each other and you will remain master of France. This way, we will be done with the weaknesses of Louis XVI and the despotism of the Austrian woman. How you hate the Queen! The next movie to appear in the series: 'The Child-King" will be titled: "Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette". The end.
Series Title: 
L’Enfant-Roi (Louis XVI)
Translated Series Title: 
The Child-King(Louis XVII)
Series Subtitle: 
L'Eveil des Géants
Translated Series Subtitle: 
The Awakening of Giants