L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII): Les Deux Orphelins No.1

Title: L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII): Les Deux Orphelins No.1
Translated Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII): The two Orphans No.1
After the tragic days of 1971, the Royal Family, accused of treason and conspiracy, remained imprisoned at the Temple. January 18th 1793, the National Convention begun the trial of Louis XVI. Speaking to you maybe for the last time, I declare that my conscience is clear and that my defenders only told you the truth. You ordered the massacres of the people!. I have always spared the blood of my subjects and I condemn such action vehemently. Condemned to the capital punishment, Louis XVI, on the night of the 20th, was saying his goodbyes to his family. Louis, I want you to promise to never try and avenge my death. Sirs, the Commissioners, my father never hurt me! Don't take him! At the dawn of the 21 of January... a cannon sound announced the death of the Kind. In an old house close to the Temple... You can follow me Madam, we are at some of the Queen's friends. You!.. You who I had thought were... While the grange was falling apart in the flames, I discovered an underground passage... My friend, the American Baker, who joined our cause. We need to be careful! Baker, watch over!.. And now to save the Queen I need to go into the Temple. It will be possible thanks to a commissioner names Toulan who is loyal to me. See the following episode in number 2.
Series Title: 
L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII)
Translated Series Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII)
Series Subtitle: 
Les Deux Orphelins
Translated Series Subtitle: 
The two Orphans