L’Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII): Thermidor No. 7

Title: L’Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII): Thermidor No. 7
Translated Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII): Thermidor No.7
At the headquarters of Lazare Hoche, commandent in chief of the armies of the West. Who is this child?. We found him at the edge of the road. What is your name? General, we found this Chouan spying on us!. Let's kill him? I grace him!. I am the King!. This child doesn't know what he is saying!. Let me interrogate him!. I recognize you! I saw you at Versailles!. You protected me against the bad guys!. But the heir is locked up in the Temple!. No, because I am here!. So, someone let you escape?. Yes.. Say, you will not let them hurt me!. My child, don't move from here! No one can notice your presence here. See the end at number 8.
Series Title: 
L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVII)
Translated Series Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII)
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