L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine

Title: L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine
Translated Title: 
The affair of the Queen's necklace
The artists of La Comedie Francaise in "The affair of the Queen's necklace". Historical reconstitution in 18 parts from the work of M.C. of Morlhon. Mrs. Provost. Marie-Antoinette. Bovy...Countess of the Motte. Mr. Etievant... Louis XVI. Volny... Cardinal of Rohan. Treville... Count of the Motte. Dorival... Reteau of Villette. Disdained by the Queen Marie-Antoinette, the Countess of the Motte starts disliking the Queen. I will deliver myself this letter to the Queen. May Your Majesty have pity of a descendant of Valois and grant a pension to your humble servant. Jeanne de Valois, Countess of the Motte. Here come the Queen!. Princess of Lamballe, don't forget that I count on your presence at the Court's ball. What can I do for you my poor Countess, if the Queen refuses to hear you? Oh this Austrian!... I hate her!. This Countess is a schemer who harasses the ministers and overwhelms me with petitions! Watch the following episode in number 2.