L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine No. 6

Title: L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine No. 6
Translated Title: 
The affair of the Queen's necklace No.6
With the complicity of her husband and of Reteau de Villette, the Countedd ot the Motte was preparing an evil plan. My dear soul, I send you a girl whose name is Oliva and who extraordinarily looks like the Queen. de La Motte. It is truly a heavenly coincidence!. The resemblance is striking!. It is my daughter, an innocent mystification in which you will have to play a role. Take this money. You will have twice as much if we are happy with you... Take this girl. We will explain later what we expect of her. To Mr. The Cardinal of Rohan. If you want the Queen to serve your ambition, be her intermediary by purchasing a necklace that she really wants. Watch the following episode in number 7.