L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine No. 7

Title: L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine No. 7
Translated Title: 
The affair of the Queen's necklace No. 7
If the Countess' plan were to fail, the Cardinal of Rohan would be tainted by the scandal. You succeeded Countess, beyond my expectations. To Mr. the Cardinal of Rohan. Her Majesty the Queen has to go tonight to Diane's banquet. Be on her way. She will give you a moment. The Countess of the Motte. I will then go tonight to the Bosquet of Diane since the Queen honors me by her invitation. Oliva was innocently playing the role that the cons were making her play. A net, a bit of powder and the resemblance is perfect! Watch the following episode in number 8.