L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine No. 17

Title: L’Affaire Du Collier De La Reine No. 17
Translated Title: 
The affair of the Queen's necklace No.17
The scandal was immense and the King had to surrender to the severity of the the Parliament. The Parliament condemns in absentia the Count of the Motte to the galleys for perpetuity and his wide to imprisonment. I approve of this judgement. As for the Prince of Rohan, he will have to exile himself in his abbey of the Chaise-Dieu. The execution. On your knees, Madam. Jeane of la Motte will receive 12 lashes in the puclic place and will be marked by red iron with the initial of the word "Thief". Watch the end in number 18.