L’Homme au Masque de Fer No.1

Title: L’Homme au Masque de Fer No.1
Translated Title: 
Man in the Iron Mask No. 1
Man in the Iron Mask (1661). Historic theater in 6 parts. Filmed on site where the original events took place. Monsieur Alexandre of the Comédie-Française as Fouquet. Miss Yvonne Mirval as Mademoiselle de la Vallière. Fouquet, whose star was waning, sought to return in the good favor of Louis XIV through an invitation to his castle in Vaux. -- It brings me great honor that your Majesty consents to house his august presence under my humble roof. -- Your hand, Duchess, let's go visit the marvelous gardens that Messrs. Le Brun and Le Nôtre have created for this residence. -- Eh! Hello Monsieur de Saint-Mars, shall we always find you in the shadow of the Sun King? Saint-Mars, guided by his lowly jealousy, managed to shake the plot knotted between Fouquet and Mlle. de la Vallière. -- Would you deign to accompany me away from this courtesans, I have so much to tell you. See what happens next in No. 2.