L’Homme au Masque de Fer No.2

Title: L’Homme au Masque de Fer No.2
Translated Title: 
Man in the Iron Mask No. 2
In defiance of all prudence, Fouquet led Mlle. de la Vallière into the gardens. -- Let's go towards the terraces because Saint-Mars, that hated spy, watches our smallest gestures. -- Ah! ah! Mister mocker, he who laughs last laughs best. -- Finally! far away from the peering glances of those flatterers, I can talk to you about our dear projects. -- I seem to have heard footsteps. Allow me to leave you. -- Not before allowing your admirer to express to you the feelings that have agitated him. -- Adieu, Monsieur Fouquet, to prolong my absence would be imprudent. See what happens next in No. 3.