Le Hanneton

Title: Le Hanneton

The Cockchafer (30 millimeter in length) is a type of beetle, insects that completely metamorphose. The insects are characterized by their hardened front wings [missing text], that serve to protect the rear wings used for flying. The cockchafer has two faceted eyes and two small antennas. It lives on trees and hedges whose leaves serve as its food. After a few minutes, it leaves nothing on the leaf except for the hard portions (the veins). The female lays, in the ground, eggs (about 15 to 20) that are about the size of a grain of hemp. These eggs, after three weeks, give birth to larva or "may beetle grubs". The grubs live in the ground for three years and, being rather voracious, destroy all of the roots that they encounter. The grubs are provided with strong mandibles; they have three pairs of legs. After having molted and further undergoing some months in a state of "chrysalis", the larva finally transforms into an adult cockchafer and emerges from the ground. It takes flight. In its turn, it will devour the leaves of trees and lay eggs. The cycle of complete metamorphosis is complete. The cockchafer is one of the most harmful insects, and he has made it a bitter war. To destroy it we extend large canvases underneath trees. We then shake the branches to make the insects fall. They are then collected...to be incinerated before they have the chance to lay eggs. THE END.

Translated Title: 
The Cockchafer