La germination des plantes

Title: La germination des plantes
Translated Title: 
The germination of plants
The Germination of Plants (Monocots and broadleaves). The projection at normal speed (16 images per second) of the views taken at regular intervals (a photograph every 4,5 or 6 minutes) renders perceptible a very slow movement (growth of the plants). During spring, the seed of the pea absorbs water; the reserve material get transformed into food and nourish the young plantlet. The root develops. The root elongates from its extremity; it penetrates in the soil with a helical movement (the movement is accelerated 4800 times). Germination of a bean. Notice the development of the root and of its rootlets and then the separation of the two cotyledons of the seed. Germination of a wheat seed. The rootlets elongate in the soil. Then the absorbing hairs appear. They take from the soil the water and necessary salts for the nutrition of a plant. The End.