Les Rivaux d’Arnheim No.1

Title: Les Rivaux d’Arnheim No.1
Translated Title: 
The Rivals of Arnheim No.1
Leon Mathot, who became since then, the master of cinema started his career by interpreting in this movie the role of Arend. The discord. Hello Woltje, what courage in your work. How your mood changes whenever I approach... you however don't ignore the affection that I have towards you. Arend stop your compliments, you know very well that I am promised to your cousin Dirk. That kid!.. Is it because of this that you don't even dare listening to me? I will know how to stop your projects. Cousin, I order you to stop your brutalities towards my promised one. Oh, oh! what a lover.. Stay assured, we don't intend to take her away from you. Watch the following episode in number 2.