Mademoiselle de la Seigliere No.2

Title: Mademoiselle de la Seigliere No.2
Translated Title: 
Ms. de la Seigliere No.2
When the Marquis of the Seigliere came back from immigration.. Mister the Marquis, you are at home! My good Stamply, I will never forget your dedication. And what was his reward for such a good deed? First, everything was well. The old Stamply, cherished and spoiled like a kid, was part of all the reunions. The owed him too much to love him. After a year, they forgot about the old Stamply, who was left in the guard's house where he died of grief. And what if there was a direct heir of which the donor would have ignored the existence? One could present himself with the right of claim. But according to all likelihood, he's been sleeping for five years under six feet of snow. Stamply, had no news of his son, when one day a messenger... French Empire. Order of the ministry. To warn Mr. Thomas Stamply that his son Bernard, who was reported as missing during the battle of Moskova has to be today considered as dead. I am Bernard Stamply. Watch the following episode in number 3.