Mademoiselle de la Seigliere No.3

Title: Mademoiselle de la Seigliere No.3
Translated Title: 
Ms. de la Seigliere No.3
The baroness of Vaubert, ruined by the Revolution, was entertaining the hope of marrying her son to Ms. de la Seigliere. A stranger, who will not reveal his name wants to see Mister the Marquis. It's him.. when I was telling you that we had seen him today in Poitiers. Let him in!. What to do? I will tell you: Bernard comes back furious, with a stormy heart. He must let go of his anger. He feels a proud resistance. Let's be soft, patient and resigned. Time and I will do the rest. Five years ago, Sir, the son of the old owner of this domain was thought death in battle... After a terrible period of captivity, he goes back to see his old father who doesn't wait for him anymore... He arrives... his father is dead.. he doesn't have a roof under which to sleep or a family... Mister, let us leave here all pretense. When I entered in the domain of my ancestors, your father said this simple thing to me: "You are at home Mister the Marquis". I will say no more: "You are at home Mr. Bernard". I expect nothing from your goodness. Don't expect anything from mine. What I have just learnt, is it true? Mr. Samply Bernard. You are alive! you are alive sir! Is it true? Your father loved me and I loved him too. He was my old friend, with him, I talked about you and with you, I will talk about him. But now that I think of it, father, have we prepared Mr. Bernard's room? You will not leave... you have been for five years the Russian's prisoner you can be ours for a while. Watch the following episode in number 4.