Mademoiselle de la Seigliere No.5

Title: Mademoiselle de la Seigliere No.5
Translated Title: 
Ms. de la Seigliere No.5
It was nit inly what was happening within her that troubled Helen; she understood that something ambiguous was happening around her. Father, answer frankly, without circumvolutions. Who is here receiving hospitality? Is it us? Or is it Mr. Bernard? No one knows. They took advantage of my absence to make up a law code of which I have no understanding. Is it then true? When this young men came here, armed with his rights, we didn't loyally give him back his heritage? Come one father, take back the pride of your race. Give up this domain that is not ours anymore. My dear Destournelles, Do me the pleasure of signing tomorrow at noon, an act attesting of my final withdrawal to Mr. Bernard Stamply, to who I decided to give the entirety of the donation that his father had give men. Mr. de la Seigliere. Warned by Mr. Destournelles, Bernard hastily comes back to the Seigliere. Mister the Marquis and Ms. Helen are dining in Vaubert. Responding to his mother's call, Raoul of Vaubert had left Paris instantly. Bernard had had a profound passion for Ms. de la Seigliere and an immense hope had risen within him.. Watch the end in number 6.