La Cité Foudroyée No.1

Title: La Cité Foudroyée No.1
Translated Title: 
The Thunderstruck City No. 1
20 December 1930. This is my confession. I am the worst criminal of all time. By hate and by ill-gotten riches I have wrecked one of the most important cities of the world and I... My excuse: I was scorned, treated as foolish by those who my infernal invention would later strike. Imagine a poor man, embittered, who felt nearly defeated by an exhausting existence in a colossal city. The inventor Richard Gallée. SCIENTIFIC BULLETIN: Scientific officials are aware of the relationship concerning the work of Mr. Richard Gallée on the tenfold increase and transformation of natural electric forces. But this thinker seems to have experimented in the realm of dreams and fantasy. To verify the value of his invention it would require millions and millions... -- Millions !? -- Enough disappointments! It's over: OVER! -- Done with inventions, with discoveries! Done, very well done!! Richard Gallée deeply loved his cousin: Huguette de Vrécourt. -- Richard, you promised me to go back to work... -- Ah of course, I will fight again.. I have a strange idea.. almost senseless... -- But if I were to explain it now, people would laugh...they would call me crazy again... -- This idea, what is it? -- Richard, speak...I beg are frightening me. -- Oh! these dogs will not stop howling... -- They belong to our neighbor...a strange and taciturn being. See what happens next in No. 2.