La Cité Foudroyée No.6

Title: La Cité Foudroyée No.6
Translated Title: 
The Thunderstruck City No. 6
I am reaching the end of my confession. My crime seems to me now as rather frightful. Having destroyed the Eiffel Tower, the Gare du Nord, the Madeleine, the Opera, etc. -- It's time for the release of the publications. Richard GALLÉE "The Thunderstruck City" -- A Richard!!! "The Thunderstruck City: a Novel" 20 December 1930. This is my confession. I am the worst criminal of all time. By hate and greed. -- Yes, a scientific novel. -- Then, when I was rebuked by the academy, I interrupted my work on the use of natural electric idea for a novel grew in my...that of a man who had truly tamed lightening. Mr. Hans Steinberg, an editor in Strasbourg, who had installed these powerful electric printers... -- And who made you a contract of 1,500,000 Francs for ten other novels... THE END.