Jocaste: d’après l’oeuvre d'Anatole France 1e partie

Title: Jocaste: d’après l’oeuvre d'Anatole France 1e partie
Translated Title: 
Jocasta: From the work of Anatole France 1st part
"We saw the hung woman" -Sophocles (Oedipus-King). M. Haviland from Liverpool, wealthy and original collector... has a certain Samuel Ewart, who had once saved his family from ruin, tracked. Follaire de Sizac, man of all kinds of businesses. Well, sit down please. Mr Ewart is asked to reveal his actual address to Mr. Martin Haviland, 10, Avenue de Tokyo, Paris. Mr. Haviland, do you want me to find this Samuel Ewart? I have little hope. Samuel is the only descendant of our benefactor. If I find him, I will pay my dept of gratitude. I will introduce you to my steward and friend Grout. He helps me a lot in my researches. Mr. de Sizac went back home very happy to tell the news to his daughter Helen. Mr. de Longuemare, it is very nice of you to have come keep company to my daughter.. My child, I found an admirable affair. And in little time my little Helen will have a dowry as valuable as her. Excuse me, my dear Helen, but I have to leave now. Watch the next episode in number 2.