Le Peintre de Dragons No.1

Title: Le Peintre de Dragons No.1
Translated Title: 
The Dragon Painter No.1
The Dragon Painter. Comedy in 6 parts. Interpreted by Sessue Hayakawa. At the hear of the mounts Hanke, in Japan, lived a young artist, a sort of illuminate and genius man.. Ten-Tsou, nicknamed the Dragon Painter. Far from here, in Tokyo, lived Kano-Indara, the last descendant of a family of illustrious painters. Kano Indura was thinking with pain about the genius of his race that was about to be extinguished because he didn't have a son. Not even a student worthy of him!. Ume-Ko, his daughter. It is then that Uchida, an engineer that built roads in the mountain made a find... Who painted this marvel? Ten-Tsou, a mad man who is looking for his lover, an enchanted princess,as he says, that evil genies stole from him. Ten-Tsou! I know where your enchanted princess is, come quickly!. Here is the artist that Kano-Indara is looking for, I will bring him to him. So? The princess? Say.. Slowly! Answer first. Why do you draw? For your own pleasure? I draw the traits of the princess that I love, and that I want to find. Come with me to Tokyo. I will introduce to someone who will take you to the princess of your dreams. Watch the following episode in number 2.