Le Peintre de Dragons No.2

Title: Le Peintre de Dragons No.2
Translated Title: 
The Dragon Painter No.2
The engineer took Ten-Tsou to Kano-Indara. Are you the author of this drawing? Ten-Tsou you will be my student, my son!. You son? Are you mad? It is my princess that I want. Farewell.. Your princess.. you will see her!.. She is going to appear!. If you value your life, make her come.. she is mine!. Just a moment! The way you saw her, your princess was incarnated in the traits of my daughter, Ume-Ko. In this case, I want to marry her! You first need to show that you are worthy of being my student and my son!. To deserve her, I will do everything you want. So, come back tomorrow and we will see. Watch the following episode in number 3.