Le Peintre de Dragons No.3

Title: Le Peintre de Dragons No.3
Translated Title: 
The Dragon Painter No.3
Ten-Tsou begins the training that Kano-Indura imposed to him. Some time after the ordeal was just conclusive by the old master, he gave his daughter to Ten-Tsou. Lazy! You had promised to start my portrait today! Before, when I had lost you, my brush fixed your traits. But now that you are here, why paint you? You are here!. Ever since he got married, he hasn't started working. You are not being reasonable Kano. He is still in his honey-moon. I am worried Sousaka! Ten-Tsou seems to not like his art anymore. He loves his wife, and tenderly! are you going to blame him for that?. No, but why isn't he impatient to start drawing again?. Watch the following episode in number 4.