Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.2

Title: Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.2
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets, 2nd Chapter: Violetta No. 2
THE EMPRESS EUGENIA. At the Imperial Palace of the Tuileries. -- You couldn't imagine, dear, the pain that you have caused to your friend, in coming to tell her your plans to leave France. -- You will find, when you return home, a letter from my chamberlain that will provide you, I hope, the opportunity to bring me some good news tonight. Simultaneously, at the printer of the "Phare". "To Mademoiselle Violetta, of the Italian Opera". "Mademoiselle, Her Majesty, the Empress, has charged me to confidentially inform you that, although having been officially denied the presence of their Majesties, at the feast organized at the Orphanage of the Imperial Prince is already decided. Their Majesties expect to have the joy of applauding you there, and..." -- Have you not brought a letter from the Court? -- Mademoiselle will find it in her chamber! -- But alas, tonight, what will we do? -- Justice! See what happens next in No. 3