Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.3

Title: Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.3
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets, 2nd Chapter: Violetta No. 3
THE EMPRESS EUGENIE. -- Do not look for your letter... "Mademoiselle, Her Majesty, the Empress, has charged me to confidentially inform you that, although having been officially denied, the presence of their Majesties at the feast organized at the Orphanage of the Imperial Prince is already decided. Their Majesties expect to have the joy of applauding you there, and..." -- I have introduced myself here everyday and I...monitor your mail. -- I'm lost, Violetta! By pity, please don't make noise! -- What have you done? -- They told me: "It's the truth in motion" and also "universal happiness wishes for holocausts"..., thus I have helped them and tonight... --...we will wait before the door of the Orphanage of the Imperial Prince, the carriage of the Emperor. -- If you, my sister, if you say anything, they will figure it all out; they will take me. -- Don't denounce me, Violetta! -- Stay here, shut yourself up and stop trembling you wretch! See what happens next in No. 4.