Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.4

Title: Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.4
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets, 2nd Chapter: Violetta No. 4
THE EMPRESS EUGENIE. Violetta was immediately received by the Empress. -- It isn't necessary that you, Madame, and His Majesty the Emperor, go to this party tonight! -- The Emperor is busy, please excuse him, but me, love, I'm going! -- You mustn't, Madame! a heinous attack has been planned... -- Who has told you this bogeyman story? -- Majesty, a terrible premonition and that... -- Calm yourself dear. Your Sovereign always feels a noble joy in doing her work as the Empress to the end. -- That best pleasure, I will go tonight to embrace these dear little orphans. It is my duty... -- Go quickly, make yourself beautiful so you sing for us your most beautiful songs. -- Pépa, we are preparing for our Sovereign to play for her, the orphans and I, a ravishing charade. For this, you must lend me a coat similar to that donned by Her Majesty. See what happens next in No. 5.