Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.5

Title: Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.5
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets, 2nd Chapter: Violetta No. 5
THE EMPRESS EUGENIE. "...and in renouncing to live, so that the diving and well-doing ruler of a country that I love may be spared, I may have been selfish! Because life is very well a heavy chain, when you have to stomp on your dreams until you reach the grave. -- This letter, take it tomorrow to the Tuileries. In front of the Orphanage of the Imperial Prince.'s my fault...I didn't know to watch over you; it is just that today it, poor little thing! -- How will it happen...the accident? -- An underground explosion, the carriage will be's horrible! -- Adieu! Manuel, you mustn't hate, look at yourself, you just love, love until the edge of sacrifice... to the edge of pardon! See what happens next in No. 6.