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Senior Theses: Submission Information

Below you will find information for Undergraduate Administrators regarding submission of senior theses to the Mudd Library.

Recommendations for Collecting Senior Thesis PDFs from Students:

You are free to collect PDFs from students in whichever manner you choose; however, here are a few tips that might be helpful:

  • Collect PDFs from students by email. Create a dedicated folder in your Inbox to store them.

  • If you are expecting a large number of emails submissions, you may want to set up a “Rule” in Outlook whereby all emails with a specific set of text in the subject line (e.g. Senior Thesis Submission) will automatically funnel into a dedicated folder in your Inbox as they arrive.  This will reduce clutter in your Inbox, and store the emails in a single location.

  • Ask students to name their PDF files in a standard format: last name_first name; e.g. “smith_jane.pdf”. This naming convention will be helpful for locating names within the folder, and for alphabetizing the list of PDFs in the folder stored on your computer.

  • Some departments, especially those with a large number of concentrators, use Blackboard to collect PDFs. 

Please note: prior to uploading to DataSpace, PDFs will need to be moved out of your email application (or Blackboard) and saved in a folder on your computer (Desktop or in My Documents).  

If you have questions about these or other options for collecting senior thesis PDFs, please contact Lynn Durgin.


 Instructions for Submitting Senior Theses to DataSpace

Please see our DataSpace submission instructions for a step by step guide to uploading Senior Theses to DataSpace. Please complete your submissions to DataSpace by Friday, July 8, 2016.  






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