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Albert Einstein Collection

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The collection consists of miscellaneous material by or about Einstein:
correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts, photographs, drawings, articles and
offprints, ephemera, and newspaper clippings. The material is chiefly in
English, with a few items in German. Correspondents include Isaac Aschkenazy,
Charles Bradford, Hermann Broch, Edward U. Condor, William Karraker, H. N.
Russell, Lyman Spitzer, and William M. Whitney. Manuscripts include poems in
German and in English, and an address delivered at Swarthmore College in June,
1938. There are photographs of Einstein with Mrs. Erich Von Kahler at the
Kahler's house and of Einstein with Ghandi, Nehru, and others, and and there are
drawings of Einstein by Meinhard Jacoby, Arzell Thompson, Jr., and \J.C.T.\.