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Bernard M. Baruch Papers

This collection consists consists primarily of public papers relating to Baruch's various involvements in government affairs. It includes several runs of office correspondence as well as a small amount of personal correspondence. Among the Political Activities documented in this collection are his involvement in the War Industries Board, the American Commission to Negotiate Peace, the Council of National Defense, the National Industrial Conference, the Saratoga Springs Commission, the Rubber Survey Committee, the War and Post-War Adjustment Unit of the U.S. Office of War Mobilization, the mission to England for President Roosevelt, and his service as the United States representative to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission. The collection also contains published and unpublished writings, including diaries, book drafts, articles, and statements written by Baruch and secondary material about Baruch or pertaining to his interests. The papers also include a large number of photographs of Baruch and his friends and family members, as well as a collection of political cartoons, drawings, and caricatures of Baruch.Other material included in the collection includes diplomas and tokens of honor as well as miscellaneous genealogical and office records.