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Dwight D. Eisenhower White House Press Releases

The Dwight D. Eisenhower White House Press Releases were compiled by McPhee and are composed of press releases issued by White House press secretary James C. Hagerty of the text for speeches by President Eisenhower and members of his staff at events and regarding his domestic and foreign policies. Also included are copies of Eisenhower's speeches from his 1952 campaign for the presidency.The majority of the press releases consist of addresses by Eisenhower at events, including meetings of organizations, clubs and community groups, dedications of buildings and memorials, and presentations of awards. Also included are press releases detailing executive orders issued by Eisenhower, addresses he gave before Congress, and statements about Eisenhower's positions on pending legislation. He most frequently discussed matters of defense, the United States economy, and foreign affairs. The press releases also include published letters between Eisenhower and world leaders, speeches delivered by Eisenhower while on visits to other countries, and statements by members of Eisenhower's staff regarding White House policies.