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Mormons and Mormonism Collection

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The collection consists of originals and copies of letters, documents, papyri fragments, drawings, personal reminiscences, biographies, diaries (1851-1877, 1926), journals (1832, 1850), an interview (1931), patriarchal blessings, record books (1913-1915), financial reports (1852-1904), stereographs, and a typescript volume of hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Included are notes concerning the Mormons that were published in the newspaper Missouri Intelligencer, 1831-1834. The collection contains a copy of a page from the original manuscript of The Book of Mormon; copies of letters (1840s) by Christine Golden Kimball, one of the wives of Heber Chase Kimball, to her mother in Hopewell, N.J., relating her experiences on the journey to Utah and during her early days there; biographical material by James M. Allred, Milo Andrus, and Mary Ann Mansfield Bentley; and personal reminiscences by Sara Alexander of her crossing the plains (1859), by Redick N. Allred of his experiences (1846) with the Mormon Battalion of the U.S Army, and by William Wallace Miner of Joseph Smith's early days in Palmyra, N.Y. There is also a clandestine letter (1886) written by John McAllister to his wife during the polygamy prosecutions, and an anti-Mormon letter of William Archer Miller, sent from Hancock City, Ill. March 30, 1845.

Also included are photographs of papyri fragments of the Egyptian Book of the Dead translated by Smith as \The Book of Abraham\ of the Pearl of Great Price; a copy of a history of Huntsville Ward, Utah, published on its forty-eighth anniversary (1925); photographs of drawings of the Mormon Temple, Washington, D.C.; an interview by Maurice Lerrie Glendenning, of the Aaronic Order, of M. Wilford Poulson; two record books of J. Vern Olsen documenting his missionary work in London; and financial reports of the Bishop's Storehouse, Salt Lake City, Utah, a consumer cooperative.