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Robert H. Taylor Collection of English and American Literature

The collection consists of manuscripts, letters, and documents of numerous andvaried authors and artists that span nearly five centuries of English andAmerican literature. There is a variety of related material, such as such asartwork, illustrated albums, letterbooks, and photographs.

Authors most extensively represented include the so-called "Taylor authors"-MaxBeerbohm (with numerous caricatures and drawings, correspondence andmanuscripts), Alexander Pope, Richard Brinsley Sheridan; George Gordon Byron,and Anthony Trollope.

Other writers significantly represented in the collection, with regard tomanuscripts and/or letters, are: the Brontë family (Anne, Charlotte, andPatrick), Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Benjamin Robert Haydon, Henry James,George Bernard Shaw, Lytton Strachey, Alfred Tennyson, William MakepeaceThackeray, the Trollope family (Frances Milton, Henry Merivale, T. Adolphus, andFrances Eleanor), Oscar Wilde, and Virginia Woolf. The major artists includeWilliam Blake, Hablot Knight Browne ("Phiz"), George Cruikshank, Edward Lear,John Everett Millais, William Makepeace Thackeray, and J. M. W. Turner.

Note: A listing of Taylor Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts (Series 4) isincluded as a reference for researchers, but full textual and codicologicaldescriptions of them will eventually be published in a "Catalogue of Medievaland Renaissance Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library."