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Robert Judson Clark Papers

The Robert Judson Clark Papers consist of research materials compiled by Professor Clark on the history of Princeton University's campus, buildings, and surrounding area. These documents were used by Clark in preparing his courses on Princeton architecture as well as by the Evolution of a Campus project. Much of the material is drawn from the collections of the Princeton University Archives, held at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library; however there is also a significant amount of documentation from other sources such as architectural journals. Also present in the papers are records of the courses Clark taught with these materials, as well as correspondence and budget-related records from Evolution of a Campus.As a result of Professor Clark's sources and research methods, the vast majority of the collection consists of copies of original material. In compiling information, Clark or one of his assistants would exhaustively make photocopies of relevant primary documents, and then annotate and interfile the copies into the appropriate building or subject's file. Hence, very little original material is in the collection, and some items appear in more than one file.Please see series descriptions in the contents list for additional information about individual series.