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Rare Books

Firestone Library
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Curator of Rare Books

Purchased in July, 1994, a small collection of 58 books and pamphlets about the harrowing days of the Sepoy Rebellion, including firsthand narratives by survivors, works of military and political analysis, three decker novels, etc. The collection is only a start on a complex subject, but does provide a variety of perspectives on an event which shook the confidence of England in the direction and purpose of colonial policy, and in some of the principles on which Victorian society was based. A detailed list, with full descriptions, is in the Collections File under the heading: Sepoy Rebellion. It is also available as a PDF.

The books are catalogued, but not classed as a whole group -- rather they are classed according to wherever Library of Congress call numbers may place them. Only the above-mentioned checklist will provide a ready sense of the whole collection. However, a keyword search in the online catalogue under "Sepoy Rebellion" will retrieve many of these titles.

See also Janice M. Ladendorf, The Revolt in India 1857-58. An annotated bibiliography of English language materials (Zug: IDC, 1966) [(F) 1766.055].