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Rare Books

A collection of books published by Overseas Editions, Inc is held in 6 boxes at call number (Ex) D810.P7U54 1944 (non-ordinary size). A typescript list of the contents is in box 1. Variously in English, French, German, and Italian; 2 copies of most editions.


Box 1 authors: Hamilton Basso, Carl Becker, Stephen V. Benet, Catherine D. Bowen, Denis W. Brogan, Harry Brown, Eugene Burns, Gilbert Chinard.


Box 2 authors: Henry S. Commager and Allan Nevins, Foster R. Dulles, Howard Fast.

Box 3 authors: Fortune editors, J. C. Furnas, Joseph C. Grew, Ernest Hemingway, John Hersey, Rackham Holt, Donald Hough.

Box 4 authors: Bernard Jaffe, Alfred Kazin, David E. Lilienthal, Walter Lippmann.

Box 5 authors: George C. Marshall, Max Miller, Fletcher Pratt, Ernie Pyle, John D. Ratcliff, Constance Rourke, William Saroyan.

Box 6 authors: Robert Sherrod, Lincoln Steffens, John Steinbeck, Henry L. Stimson, Robert Trumbull, Carl Van Doren, E. B. White.