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Firestone Library
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Curator of Rare Books

A barrister of Lincoln's Inn, Bailey is a poet who came to the fore in the time between the Romantics and Victorians. He is one whom William Aytoun named as a member of the 'Spasmotic School' of poets. In the 1940's, the Library received a collection of works by Bailey. See: Morse Peckham, "A Bailey Collection [presented to Princeton]" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle VII, 4 (June, 1946) pp. 149-154 [full text] . See also the article by Morse Peckham which includes a checklist of the American editions of [Bailey's] Festus: Morse Peckham, "American Editions of Festus, a preliminary study" in Princeton University Library Chronicle VIII, 4 (June, 1947) pp. 177-184 [full text] . The collection is part of the General Rare Books Collection (Ex).