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  • In June of 1999, the first 350 books of Leonard Milberg's newest donation to the Library arrived. Additions are made regularly. This new collection -- Jewish American Writers -- is being formed in honor of President Harold T. Shapiro.

    See the printed catalogue for the collection, compiled by J. Howard Woolmer. The Leonard L. Milberg Collection of Jewish American Writers. (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Library, 2001) [(ExB) Z1229.J48 P74 2001].

    The collection is regularly growing and catalogue entries for individual items in it can be retrieved in the main catalog by searching "Milberg '53 in honor of President Harold T. Shapiro" as a phrase using the Keyword index. (To do this: 1. Go to Guided Search. 2. Put "Milberg '53 in honor of President Harold T. Shapiro" in the first search box. 3. Select "as a phrase" from the pull down menu. 4. In the next pull down menu at right, select "Keyword Anywhere" 5. Then, click the button labeled "Search")

    As of the end of 2 March 2013, the following 141 authors are being collected. Note: Asterisk before names indicates that author is part of the Milberg American poetry collection. There are 31 overlapping names.

    Samuel Adler
    Woody Allen
    Many Antin
    Max Apple
    Hannah Arendt
    Sholem Asch
    Paul Auster
    Saul Bellow
    Harold Bloom
    Harold Brodsky
    *Joseph Brodsky
    Melvin Jules Bukiet
    Abraham Cahan
    Michael Chabon
    *Alfred Corn
    Edward Dahlberg
    E. L. Doctorow
    Celia Dropkin
    David Einhorn
    Will Eisner
    Stanley Elkin
    Nathan Englander
    Leslie Fiedler
    Jonathan Safran Foer
    Waldo Frank
    *Allen Ginsberg
    Aaron Glanz-Leyeles
    Yankev (Jacob)Glatshteyn
    *Louise Gluck
    Herbert Gold
    Avrom Goldfaden
    Allegra Goodman
    Jacob Gordin
    Chaim Grade
    *Jorie Graham
    Rebecca Gratz
    *Allen Grossman
    *Daniel Halpern
    Moshe Leyb Halpern
    Isaac Harby
    *Anthony Hecht
    Ben Hecht
    Joseph Heller
    Lilian Hellman
    Mark Helprin
    *John Hollander
    *Richard Howard
    Irving Howe
    Rebekah Gumpert Hyneman
    *David Ignatow
    Alan Isler
    Solomon Jackson
    Samuel B.H. Judah
    Ben Katchor
    George S. Kaufman
    Alfred Kazin
    *Kenneth Koch
    Kaufmann Kohler
    Nichole Krauss
    *Maxine Kumin
    *Stanley Kunitz
    Tony Kushner
    Lucette Lagnado
    Emma Lazarus
    Isaac Leeser
    Mani Leib
    H. Leivick
    *Denise Levertov
    *Philip Levine
    Clifton Harby (Levy)
    Samuel Yates Levy
    Ludwig Lewisohn
    Max Lilienthal
    Moritz Loth
    Norman Mailer
    Bernard Malamud
    David Mamet
    Anna Margolin
    Nathan Mayer
    Arthur Miller
    Penina Moise
    Kadia Molodowsky
    H.M. Moos
    Myer Moses
    Octavia Harby Moses
    *Howard Nemerov
    Mordecai M. Noah
    Clifford Odets
    Tillie Olsen
    Jacqueline Osherow
    *Alicia Ostriker
    Cynthia Ozick
    Grace Paley
    Dorothy Parker
    S. J. Perelman
    Jonas B. Phillips
    Naphtali Phillips
    Marge Piercy
    *Robert Pinsky
    Norman Podhoretz
    Chaim Potok
    Gabriel Preil
    Francine Prose
    Isaac Raboy
    Philip Rahv
    Abraham Reisen
    *Charles Reznikoff
    *Adrienne Rich
    Isaac Rosenfeld
    Morris Rosenfeld
    Henry Roth
    Philip Roth
    *Jerome Rothenberg
    *Muriel Rukeyser
    Rose Emma Salaman
    Bud Schulberg
    *Delmore Schwartz
    Gershom M. Seixas
    *Karl Shapiro
    Lamed Shapiro
    Garry Shteyngart
    Kate Simon
    Neil Simon
    *Louis Simpson
    I.J. Singer
    Isaac Bashevis Singer
    Jakob Zevi Sobol
    Susan Sontag
    Art Spiegelman
    *Gerald Stern
    *Mark Strand
    Lionel Trilling
    Malkah H. Tussman
    Wendy Wasserstein
    Nathaniel West
    Elie Wiesel
    *Theodore Weiss
    *C. K. Williams
    Isaac M. Wise
    Anzia Yezierska
    *Louis Zukofsky.

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