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University Archives

Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library
65 Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

The Princeton University Archives holds files on all undergraduates. This file contains a number of newspaper articles from both the Daily Princetonian and Princeton Alumni Weekly as well as his alumni records and war records.

The following is the text from John Peale Bishop's Nassau Herald entry.

"He was born in Charles Town, West Virginia, May 21, 1892, and has lived in Charles Town, and Hagerstown, Md. He is the son of John Peale Bishop and Margret Miller Cochran. His father was a physician until his death in 1901, and graduated from the University of Maryland, '86. He has one sister. Bishop prepared at Mercersburg Academy. In Princeton, he has won the Class of 1870 Sophomore English Prize, the Francis Biddle Essay Prize, the Class of 1870 Junior English Prize, and the Class of 1883 Junior Essay Prize; Nassau Literary Magazine, (2) (3) (4), Prose Edior, (3); Managine Edior, (4); P.D.A, (1) (2); Triangle Club, (3); Candidate for Freshman Crew; Class Ode Commmittee; Class Poet; Snior Council. Clio Hall. Quadrangle Club. Democrat. Freshman Year he roomed alone at 47 University Place; Sophomore Year he roomed with B.T. Feustman at 21 Holder; Junior and Senior Years he roomed alone at 9 W. Witherspoon. Bishop expects to take up publishing. His permanant address is 311 South George St., Charles Town, West Va."

According to his War Records Bishop entered teh Army August 27th 1917 at Fort Benjamin in the Infantry branch as an Officer Canditate. He was name 1st Leiutenant on November 27th 1917.He was discarged on October 30th 1919.